Thank you for your interest in Carbonview Research. Over the last few years, Carbonview has experienced a tremendous amount of organizational change that has allowed us to strengthen our expertise and partner more closely with our clients. In this evolutionary process, we were merged with two other organizations to form one of the most prominent business intelligence organizations within the retail industry: EnsembleIQ (EIQ). Carbonview, now known as EIQ Research Solutions, has become the insights arm of EIQ and it is with that as the backdrop that we now have much more support and full-service custom capabilities to assist you with solving your big problems and inspiring bold ideas.

We are still the same team you turned to in previous years, though now bolstered by even stronger expertise. Please complete the contact form below or to call us directly to discuss how we can help you. We look forward to partnering with you to draw on shopper, consumer, and retailer insights to solve big problems and inspire bold ideas.

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