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The Retail Experience Summit is a power-packed networking and learning experience built around an agenda that emphasizes three important themes — leadership, innovative business strategies, and cutting edge technology. C-suite executives across all functional areas get in touch with innovative ideas and technologies that enable them to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of success.

 The event offers opportunities for retailers and solution providers to learn from experts and leaders on how to set successful strategies. Sponsors meet and network with key retail executives, foster new relationships, nurture existing ones and exchange ideas and insights on helping retailers succeed and build value.

Successful retailers and consumer goods executives are making data-driven decisions and using customer insights to gain competitive advantage with effective merchandising, marketing and supply chain initiatives.

 The Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit lets retailers and CG executives learn ways to better leverage advanced analytics and take decisive action to deliver results. It offers a unique networking environment where retailers and consumer goods companies can share ideas on key topics such as big data, predictive analytics, retailer-supplier collaboration and much more.

RetailTechCon brings together senior-level executives who want to learn about what’s new, what’s effective and what works to build their businesses. The event spotlights strategies, technologies and tactics being used by leading retailers today and being invested in by fast followers. Retailers learn where their organizations stand compared to their competitors, share best practices with leading-edge retailers and meet existing and new technology partners. Sponsors have a unique opportunity to showcase capabilities, exchange ideas and insights with existing and prospective customers.

This has become the most talked about gathering at NRF as retailers, industry analysts and solution providers take the stage for the industry’s only Battle of the Bands. A second Rock&Roll Retail takes place in the fall on the west coast.

The CIO Awards are among the most coveted awards in the industry and honor the most innovative and strategic CIOs in the retail industry who are using technology to deliver business improvements.