EnsembleIQ’s Profession Santé Honoured for Content Excellence, Wins Gold Canadian National Magazine Award: B2B; Canadian Grocer also Honoured with Silver Award

EnsembleIQ Receives Multiple 2022 Canadian National Magazine Awards

EnsembleIQ’s Profession Sante and Canadian Grocer received high honours from the 2022 Canadian National Magazine Awards program

TORONTO, June 14, 2022 – EnsembleIQ, North America’s leading source of insightful information and actionable connections in retail, healthcare and hospitality, today announces Profession Santé, a specialized provider of insights for physicians, pharmacists and other professionals in the Quebec healthcare sector, won gold in the annual National Magazine Awards: B2B competition in the “Best Feature Article: Professional” category.

The story, “Learn to live with your mistakes,” was written by Geoffrey Dirat, Health Journalist, and edited and illustrated with Dino Peressini, Artistic Director; Christian Leduc, Editor-in-Chief; Anne Hébert, Managing Editor, and Sébastien Thibault, Illustrator.

“Congratulations to Geoffrey and the entire Profession Santé team on this well-deserved prestigious award. The mission of Profession Santé is to equip physicians, pharmacists and healthcare professionals with the information they need to provide the best possible care to their patients,” said Christian Leduc, Editor-in-Chief. “For professionals and caregivers, the fear of making medical mistakes is terrifying and can leave deep psychological scars. We created this story to help change the stigma around this and create a sense of well-being for healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients. We are honoured to be recognized for our coverage of this important industry subject.”

Canadian Grocer, Canada’s #1 national grocery intelligence source, won a silver award in the “Best Column or Regularly Featured Department” category for “PEOPLE.” Canadian Grocer was recognized for the profiles it published on the founders of three dynamic food companies (Mid-Day Squares, Nabati Foods and The Very Good Butchers). The profiles were written by contributors Carolyn Cooper, Danny Kucharsky and Andrea Yu and edited and illustrated by Shellee Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief and Carol Neshevich, Managing Editor, and Josephine Woertman, Art Director.

“As the voice of the grocery industry for more than 130 years, Canadian Grocer is known for its trusted, timely information on trends, products, key issues and innovations,” said Shellee Fitzgerald. “We are delighted to have been recognized by the National Magazine Awards: B2B competition for these profiles, which shine a light on three innovative companies that are shaking up the food industry.”

In addition, Profession Santé and The Medical Post, an information source for Canada’s doctors, received five Honorable Mentions. They include:

Profession Santé: The community pharmacy of tomorrow written by Mathieu Ste-Marie, Journalist; edited and illustrated with Dino Peressini, Artistic Director, and Christian Leduc, Editor-in-Chief.

Profession Santé: COVID-19, one year later — All together written by Justine Montminy, Journalist; edited and illustrated with Christian Leduc, Editor-in-Chief; Dino Peressini, Artistic Director, and Francis Vachon, Photographer.

Profession Santé: A Quebec that is self-sufficient in health written by Mathieu Ste-Marie, Journalist; edited and illustrated with Christian Leduc, Editor-in-Chief; Dino Peressini, Artistic Director, and Anne Hébert, Managing Editor.

The Medical Post: The How-To Issue by Colin Leslie, Editor-in-Chief, Abigail Cukier, Writer, Louise Leger, Writer, Kylie Taggart, Writer, Nancy Peterman, Creative Director, and Josephine Woertman, Art Director.

The Medical Post: The virtual health care pivot series by Louise Leger, Writer, Abigail Cukier, Writer; Kylie Taggart, Staff Writer, and contributor Colin Leslie, Editor-in-Chief.

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